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Consist around 1757 law related periodicals, 9400 Canada Supreme Court cases from 1876-2012, full-text access to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) from its inception in 1938, nearby 20000 cases from 1789-1880 early American Case Law, more than 100,000 early English Cases & Reports, several publications of the ECMI,  including European Center for Minority Issues,  more than 3000 legal classics works, 9 Revised Statutes of Canada, 127 U.S. treaties & agreements, 63 U.S. AttorSney General & department of justice collection, 95 United States Code, 445 federal legislative histories published by the U.S. GPO, 145 Papers of U.S. Presidential, 103 U.S. Statutes, 148 U.S. Supreme Court reports and 3641 World Constitutions.

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Form/Type of Material : Reports, Cases, Statute, treaties, agreements, papers, general law articles and reviews

Subject : Law

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