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E-learning Sytems

A. How to find Your Course and Instructor

Go to JGU eLearning site homepage: https://elearning.jgu.edu.in/

  • To find your course scroll down through the list of courses on the main screen however, if the faculty has not opted for the course on eLearning Platform. It will not be reflect on the site home page screen.
  • Please consult your course instructor for the credentials with the temporary password and course enrollment.

B. How to Access/Login on [E-Learning Platform]

E-Learning platform can be access through browser and via android App

1. Login through web browser: For best use  Google Chrome or  Mozilla Firefox:

Go to homepage: http://elearning.jgu.edu.in/moodle/   Login ID   Password

For reset your eLearning password: Please click on Forgotten your username or password?

2. Login through android App:

STEP 1. Install the Moodle Mobile App from the Apple App Store OR the Google play store

STEP 2: Once installed, open the App. You will need to enter in the Moodle

Site address: https://elearning.jgu.edu.in/

STEP 3: Enter your username and password. If you are currently in an online course, your username and password will remain the same as it is now.

Username: Your JGU email ID

Password:   use password received from the course instructor or JGU eLearning

[Please Note: The first time you login, it should force you to change your password by opening up the website in a new window]

STEP 4: Re-enter your username and password and click the “login” button

STEP 5: On the next screen, enter your current password, and your new password as prompted to do so. When you are finished, click the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.


For assistance write to: elearning@jgu.edu.inHelpdesk  +91-130-409 1846/50