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Off-Campus Access to E-Resources

Off-Campus Access Policy
Access to library electronic resources are governed by the license agreement that Global Library enters into with the respective publishers/producer of the resource. In most cases one can only use these within the campus. Please see the licensing link given alongside of the name of the resource for details. 
In exceptional cases, where it is absolutely necessary to use these resources from home or while travelling, these are made accessible on a case-to-case basis. Please note that use of e-resources outside the campus is strictly for educational and research purpose as member of JGU community. By clicking on the respective links you also agree to comply with all the terms of license agreement that JGU is bound.  Sharing your login credentials with other will result permanently blocking your access to the resources. Your off campus access may also be limited by a specific period, or amount of usage. 
Off campus access is enabled through the following two mechanisms:
1) EZProxy 
EZ Proxy is a third party operated middleware tool that helps provide users with remote web based access to licensed resources. Please take the following steps to use Ez Proxy:
  • Click here  to visit the Ez Proxy web page or enter the following address in your web browser:   


  • Login with your "user name part" of the JGU email ID (if email id is xyz123@jgu.edu.in you have to use only xyz123 for your user name) and the password assigned to you. (In most cases it will be same password that you use to access your JGU email account)
  • Click on the resource link that you want to use.
For any assistance please contact the Library Help Desk. Please note that some resources may not available through Ez proxy due to publisher’s policy.
2) Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes a "secure tunnel" for your computer on the JGU network. You need to use VPN for accessing certain Global Library E-resources from locations off campus. For security, VPN provides strong encryption, enables authenticated access to the JGU Network from external and untrusted environments, and proxies your network traffic so it appears to originate from within the JGU Network.
You will first need to set up your VPN account by sending an email to IT Help Desk (tech.support@jgu.edu.in). Users should mention the duration and need for VPN access.
  • 1. Click here    to connect VPN server, or enter the following address in your browser window:    
  • 2. Click on the message "Continue to this website (not recommended)".
  • 3. Login using your JGU network ID and the password 
  • 4. Click on the link for desired resource to start using the resources.
For any assistance please contact the Library Help Desk.  Please note that some resources may not be available through VPN due to publisher’s policy or technical reasons.