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Remote Access Policy

 Remote Access Policy
Access to library electronic resources are governed by the license agreement that Global Library enters into with the respective publishers/producer of the resource. In most cases one can only use these within the campus. Please see the licensing link mentioned on the [Info] page next to every individual resources along with JGU Copyright Compliance Policy.  
Please note that use of subscribed digital resources outside the campus is strictly for educational and research purpose as member of JGU community. By clicking on the respective links you also agree to comply with all the terms of license agreement that JGU is bound.  Sharing your login credentials with other will result permanently blocking your access to the resources. Your off campus access may also be limited by a specific period, or amount of usage. 
You can access subscribed digital resourcess remotely as given below. 
Login with Remotelog:
Remotelog is a third party operated middleware tool that helps provide users with remote web based access to licensed resources. Please take the following steps to use Remotelog. 
  • Click here to visit Remotelog login page OR enter the following address in your web browser. 


Login details for Remotelog.
You have two options to login Remotelog page to access subscribed digital resourcs as mentioned below.
1. Login with outlook authentication.
Username: your entire JGU Outlook Email ID (Ex. eresources@jgu.edu.in)
Password: your JGU Outlook Email password
2. Login with your Koha authentication
Username: Koha login ID as shared with you by Global Library
Password: Koha login password as shared by Global Library OR reset by you. 
You can click on the "Remote Access" tab next to individual e-resources on the digital resources page of library webpage to directly browse related resource through remote access tool Remotelog.

For any assistance, please contact @ eresources@jgu.edu.in