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Economic Outlook

Brief Overview:

Economic Outlook provides CMIE's view on where the Indian economy stands and where it is likely headed. Economic Outlook provides macroeconomic forecasts on growth and insights into Realtime analysis on inflation, fiscal balance, the balance of payments, corporate earnings and a host of other indicators. It discusses the future and explains its forecasts by analyzing the data collected by CMIE.


Economic Outlook consists of many databases that deal with specific indicators in a specific area. Where Macro economic databases deal with national accounts, inflation, public finance etc., the sectoral databases deal with foreign finance and agriculture. Similarly, the Business Indicator and social indicator databases indicate the corporate sector and population and demography, respectively.  thorough Remotelog. Open the database through Remotelog tool, use CMIE database credentials if you have, else resister yourself to create a login credential.

How to access

Campus wide unlimited access.

Off-campus access through "Remotelog" The dataset covers household survey data of Indian families in the areas like health status, financial expenses, consumption, income, employment, and many more.


For any guide and training please contact eresources@jgu.edu.in