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EPWRF Indian Times Series

The EPWRF Indian Times Series (EPWRFITS), by the EPW Research Foundation (EPWRF) aims to provide authentic time series data in socio-economic research and analysis, EPWRF India Time Series comprises over 25,000 variables capsuled in 16 modules, from 1950 onwards depending on the availability.

Modules are

1.  Financial Markets

2.  Banking Statistics (Basic Statistical Returns)

3.  Domestic Product of States of India (SDP)

4.  Agricultural Statistics

5.  Price Indices

6.  Power Sector

7.  Industrial Production Series  

8.   Finances of Government of India

9.   Combined Government Finances

10.  National Accounts Statistics of India

11.  Annual Survey of Industries

12.  External Sector

13.  Finances of State Governments in India

14. Insurance

15. Health Statistics

16. Education Statistics

How to Access

  • Campus wide unlimited access
  • Remote access through Remotelog