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SCC Online


SCC Online, a legal database, has enormous legal material of Indian as well as overseas countries. It covers Indian Case-Law of Supreme Court of India (1969 onwards); Privy Council (1872-1949); 21 Indian High Courts; tribunanals & commissions; Indian Statutory Law including central statutes, circulars, notifications, instructions, rules, regulations etc.; Indian secondary materials consisting Constituent Assembly Debates, reports of Commissions and Committees including Law Commission of India, Bilateral Treaties; and covers Legal Articles of following journlas:

  • Supreme Court Cases (SCC),
  • Practical Lawyer ,
  • The Edict,
  • NUJS Law Review,
  • Asian Journal of AIR and Space Law,
  • The Law Weekly,
  • GNLU Journal of Law,
  • Development & Politics,
  • GNLU Law Review,
  • Developing World Review on Trade & Competition, 
  • Singapore Academy of Law Journal,
  • Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review,
  • Dhaka University Law JournalNew and
  • National Law School of India Review

SCC Online also covers International materials included law decisions & judgments of Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Bangaladesh, South Africa & West Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, United Kingdom, Supreme Court judgments of United States & Canada, judgments of WIPO (Domain Name Decisions) from 2002 onwards
Human Rights Treaties and Conventions.

Singapore Law can be access through LawNet Database link given on bottom of SCC Online home page. LawNet service provided by the Singapore Academy of Law. Singapore law covers judgments from 1932-2011, Legislation (Current Acts & Subsidiary Legislation includes Constitutional Documents, Interpretation Act, Private Acts, English Acts & Imperial Acts), Parliamentary Reports (1955-2011), Treaties, Digest of Magistrate's Appeals heard & Digest of Personal Injury Cases. It also includes reference materials and free resources on varies topics especially Intellectual Property, eLitigations and liks. User also can browse related information of Singapore on specific topic.

How to Access

  • Campus wide unlimited access
  • Off-campus access policy
  • Registration required onece to access SCC Online, select Login Type "IP login" and login with your email-ID* and click on Sign In.
    *Register by JGU domain id only.



Form/Type of Material : Reports, Cases, judgements, Rules & regulations, legal articles

Subject : Law

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