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Electronic resources offering full-text access to multi-format resources such as journal articles, statutes, reports, law reports, cases, e-book, news, directory information, reviews etc.

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14th Century English Mystics Newsletter
from 1974 to 1983 in JSTOR

19th-Century Music [Pub: University of California Press]
from 1977 onwards in JSTOR

from 1915 to 1916 in JSTOR

2nd Edition      
from 1953 - 1958 in Heinonline 

33 Metalproducing [Pub:Penton Publishing]
from 1999 -2002 in EBSCO

3rd Edition   
from 1961 in Heinonline     

401K Advisor [Pub:Aspen Publishers Inc]
from 1999 onwards in EBSCO

4S Review [Pub: Sage Publications, Inc.]
from 1983-1985 in JSTOR

4th Edition
from 1979 -1982 in Heinonline

5th Edition
from 1983 -1994 in heinonline 

6th Edition
from 1995 -1197 in heinonline

7th Edition
from 1998 - 2000 in Heinonline

8th Edition
from 2001 in Heinonline

9th Edition
from 2014 in Heinonline