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Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature – scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Scopus indexes content that is rigorously vetted and selected by an independent review board of experts in their fields. Scopus generates precise citation results, detailed researcher profiles, and insights that drive better decisions, actions and outcomes using sophisticated tools and analytics,

Scopus quickly finds relevant and authoritative research, identifies experts and provides access to reliable data, metrics and analytical tools. Be confident in progressing research, teaching or research direction and priorities — all from one database and with one subscription

How to Access

  • Campus wide unlimited access, register yourself using JGU Outlook email to access on and off-campus

  • One can use remotely using JGU Outlook email id or through Remotelog page.


It is built on Elsevier's powerful search and linking technology to give you an extensive outline of the world's research output in science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities disciplines.

Personalised features

  • One can set allerts, create personal research blocks and can save the search outputs using personalization futures available with Scopus. You have to login through JGU Outlook email.