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Legal Classics eBooks collection in Heinonline


Includes more than 6,800 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history including Joseph Story, Jeremy Bentham, William Blackstone, William Holdsworth, Henry Maine, Federick William Maitland, Frederick Pollock, Benjamin E. Cardozo, and many more! In addition to many "classics" this collection also includes rare items that are found in only a handful of libraries around the world. 

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Form/Type of Material : eBooks; Bibliography; Biography/Writings on Legal Minds; Dictionaries

Subject : Law; Bankruptcy; Bar Associations; Business/Economics; European Community; Insurance; International Business/Economics; International Relations; Investments; Librarianship; Local/Municipal Government; Natural Resources; Nuclear Energy; Political Science; Psychology/Sociology; Taxation; Trade Regulations; Transportation; Trusts and Estates

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